courtney tam

// portfolio 2019 //

case studies

Shopify App Feature
Hatchful Onboarding
Redesigning the onboarding process to precisely capture the user’s vision and mental model to show accurate logo results.
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Shopify Internal Tool
Hatchful CMS
Designing a scalable content management system to simplify the logo upload process and to manage features and states of logos.
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Queen's University Event
Hackathon Design
Rebranding QHacks to create a new recognizable brand image and voice that is consistent between different event products.
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Passion Project
Divide App Design
Designing an application to simplify splitting costs with other people; incorporating new technologies such as scanning and parsing.
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Hey, I'm Courtney! I'm currently studying Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I work to create innovative solutions using a design forward mindset.

I am currently looking for a 4 month internship for Fall 2019 in the Product Design field.


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